Detachable Flat Pack Container House


Detachable Flat Pack Container House

Set up flat pack container house accommodation is usually one of the first aspects when it comes to establishing a mining camp at the site. Whether it is a short-term project or a long-term project, highly modular structures that can be easily set up and taken down is the priority choice for investors. The fast assemble prefab living quarters for mining sites could help the investor maximum the values and minimize the cost.

We can respond from design, production, delivery, and assembly for your project.

You can customize your remote site container house project with the endless requirements, including building models, sizes, colors, window size, window location, door size, door location and material, furniture, equipment, lights, electrical systems, the color of wall panel, the color of the floor, etc.

It all could be customized.

Besides the accommodation, the modular container house could be used for offices, toilet rooms, clinics, kitchen, canteen, bathroom, laundry room, guard huts, small storage house, etc.

Contact us today and let us save your time and cost on the construction projects while building your solution faster and more economic with the customization you need.



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