Duplex Modular Home


Duplex Modular Home

If you wanna build a house with the duplex floor in a short period, I would introduce our duplex modular homes to you. As our king product, duplex modular homes have met many appraises since their first launch.
Modular container house becomes gradually popular in the world. What makes our duplex modular homes so attractive to customers. Maybe we could divide the reason into three main parts.
First, these prefab tiny houses have a good look. It’s like a villa in appearance, but more comfortable than it. The whole main structure is made of light steel, which can be connected by bolts as a beam. The sandwich panel wall and door make the houses magnificent. This can’t be matched by concreted walls or brick walls.
Second, the indoor equipment is well-positioned to serve the customers. All necessary facilities can be added like other houses. The stairs could be installed indoors or outdoors, which can be determined by the buyers. Further, if you have an ideal layout style, our technical workers will meet your demands and plan it accordingly.
Last, our Duplex Modular Homes have more places to make customers have fun. The first floor can serve as a living room and the second playground or warehouse. The decoration style is as your wish. Such large houses could be built within a week with 4-5 workers. Because we have more than 300 workers in our factory, our production period also can be shortened to 2 weeks.
Henan K-Home has engaged in Duplex Modular Homes for 15 years. with this years’ development, what we got is not only the experience but also the importance of the quality. If you have any interest in our products, please feel free to contact us, look forward to your message.


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