Duplex Modular Homes


Duplex Modular Homes

We deliver your completed duplex modular home to you with a 20 to 30 percent time savings compared to on-site construction. We use highly efficient construction processes, making many parts simultaneously.

This drastically reduces overall construction time. The shorter construction time in duplex modular homes allows you to get faster approval for financing, enabling you to begin reaping from your investment quickly

We offer different kinds of cost benefits over conventional on-site building construction. Building duplex modular homes reduces construction times and minimizes labor costs for you. This is vital for your bottom line, and it reduces overall project costs. Our modular duplex building facilities use high precision equipment while helping to reduce waste.

Urban tenants love to live in beautiful buildings. So, we take the time to design and create modular duplex houses that instantly attract new tenants. This makes it easy for you get people to rent your home shortly after it’s completed.

Khome steel structure is a leader in the design and construction of new duplex modular homes developments. We work closely with you to customize our plans to suit your taste. Our innovative design solutions allow you to interactively create building designs your tenants will love.

At Khome steel structure, we believe that our customers should have the home of their dreams, so we offer a wide variety of standard and custom modular home plans. Khome can modify any existing modular home plan, design a complete custom home, or work from your architectural blueprints. Khome’ s technical, architectural, and interior designers will help guide your custom home building process from start to finish.


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