Dwell Prefab Homes


Dwell Prefab Homes

The highly innovative Khome Dwell Prefab Homes has developed a user-orientated approach by integrating specially developed marketing, design and quality-orientated techniques into its production processes. Customization is delivered through holistic management and balancing the use of standard components with flexibility of assembly. With our facility continually striving to bridge the communication gap between themselves and their clients to offer successful mass-customized designs for prefabricated homes, homebuyers benefit from a sense of ownership and individuality. In turn, we get the best customer satisfaction.

Khome’ s prefabricated prefab dwell housing technology is a world leader in innovation, with efficient production processes and consumer outreach, and high-quality designs that offer variability and flexibility at affordable prices. A fully computerized system enables clients to customize their Dwell Prefab Homes with standardized components. Unlike the common Western perception about prefabrication, in Khome factory-manufactured houses are seen as superior to conventionally built ones.

Khome began experimenting with prefab housing to meet demand, and factory manufacturing became more popular. One of the reasons behind this trend was that houses have a short lifespan in —an average of twenty-six years—and homebuyers often prefer to build their own.  A family that outgrows its home will simply tear it down and build a new one on the same site, and some companies now offer deals for house replacement.

The design and engineering team at Khome Steel Structure strive day and night for producing the best possible product for their customers all over the world.

Our dwell prefab homes use sandwich panels and galvanized steel, rest assured that  when you buy a prefab dwell house from Khome. It will stay in the same state for a very long time.

We help our clients in not only building steel building but a place they can call home.

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