Emergency Accommodation Camps


Emergency Accommodation Camps

Why are pre-assembled buildings so preferred for construction sites? These are small-size structures that are heavily used in various construction sites. These are easier to assemble when compared to traditional building processes. What is a prefab modular building? K-HOME structures satisfy various prerequisites. These prefabricated structures are used to set up accommodation for the construction workers on a site or build an office unit. You can also use it to assemble an outdoor kitchen or any other facility.

Modular units are sections that are joined to construct prefab modular buildings. The number of units required varies based on the style and size of the project. k-home prefab modular structures are very demanding; we offer our clients a whole range of building materials to set up secure and high-quality structures.

K-Home modular structures

Are you looking for a container house structure for your site? K-home offers the best solution for your requirements. Our structures are available in varying budgets, which again depends on the quality of the materials. These prefab structures have ideal storage capacity, which gives enough utility space for a construction site. The construction elements and modules are manufactured off-site in an industry-setting, then transported to the site and assembled there.


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