Factory Made Houses


Factory Made Houses

Buying a factory made house is now par for the course for a number of countries in the world. But what if you could go to a store, buy a house and get it assembled on your plot? With pre-fabricated, or prefab, technology becoming popular, this has become a reality from few years.

Prefab technology involves use of factory-manufactured components in buildings. Some commonly used prefab materials include steel frames for structures, factory made houses are easy to build as most of the work is done inside the factory.

In large construction projects, various modules of the factory made house are cast off-site in factories and then assembled on the site.

In the process, prefab materials such as sandwich panels and steel frames  are used along with innovations.

In prefab technology, the entire building can be designed using architecture software. Later, components such as steel frames, wall and ceiling panels and floor tiles can be custom-made to manufacture the factory made house.

The components are then brought to the construction site and the structure of factory made house is assembled on-site. Factory made Houses using steel frames for structure can have multiple stories.

Alternatively, the main structure and outer walls can be constructed using the conventional techniques and inside partitioning and interiors done with prefab materials.

Prefab construction reduces construction time and improves the quality of the building. prefab materials are easy to assemble than the traditional ones, higher efficiency and less wastage and labour costs can bring down the overall cost substantially for factory made house.

They also eliminate the need for auxiliary activities such as plastering, electrical wiring and plumbing as these are done at the casting stage itself.

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