Fast Assemble Steel Frame Building


Fast Assemble Steel Frame Building

Steel structure building is a new type of building system, which opens up the industry boundary between the real estate industry, construction industry, and metallurgy industry, and integrates into a new industrial system. This is the steel structure building system generally optimistic about the industry.

Compared with traditional concrete buildings, PEB engineering buildings use steel plates or section steel instead of reinforced concrete. It has higher strength and better seismic resistance. Because the components can be manufactured in factories and installed on-site, the construction period is greatly reduced.

Due to the reusability of steel, it can greatly reduce construction waste and become more environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial and civil buildings in the world.

At present, the application of steel structure buildings in high-rise and super high-rise buildings is becoming more and more mature. It gradually becomes the mainstream construction technology, which is the development direction of future buildings.

Applications of Pre Engineered steel buildings include:

  1. Houses & Steel Living Shelters.
  2. Factories
  3. Warehouse
  4. Sports Halls (Indoor and Outdoor).
  5. Aircraft Hangers.
  6. Supermarket
  7. Workshop
  8. Office Buildings.
  9. Labour Camps.
  10. Petrol Pumps/Service Buildings.
  11. School
  12. Community centers.
  13. Railway Stations
  14. Equipment housing/shelters

There is a great possibility of improving the aesthetic quality with a choice of roofing elements, exterior finishes, weather-sheds, color systems, and variations in planning as well as massing.

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