Flat Pack Container Accommodation Man Camp Oil Field


Flat Pack Container Accommodation Man Camp Oil Field

As an expert in Pre Built Houses, K-Home offers various solutions to the buyer and receives a lot of acclaims. Specialization in Flat Pack Container Accommodation Man Camp Oil Field. Pre-built Houses gets increasingly popular in recent years. Buyers are pleased by its high degree of industrialization, fast construction, environment- friendly.

First, Pre-built houses are a kind of green building. It is built with a light steel structure, which can be recycled to 100 percent. With bolts connecting the beams, the main structure can be reused next time even when there is a need to move it. In this way, the damage to the environment is minimized to zero. And our products satisfy the requirements of international environmental regulation.
Then the Portable Accommodation Camp comes to its stability. It has lots of advantages. For example, stability is one of its representative features. Its high quality comes from its materials of light steel. Comparing with concreted houses, these houses are well-positioned to withstand extreme conditions such as storms, heavy rain, and even an earthquake. The original materials of panels are totally incombustible, which makes it a fireproof building. I think such houses are livable to humans.
Finally, its fast assembly is highly appreciated. Its installation is an energy-saving task. 3-5 people could have the houses built within 2 days in accordance with the installation paper. Onsite Worker Accommodation is friendly to the people who want it in an urgent need. And its color and size of the houses and the exterior decoration can be customized.
With so many years of experience, our professional workers have unique insight into Pre Built Houses. Popular layout and comfortable decoration build our firm ground. K-Home welcomes all the intended buyers to visit our factory on-site. Also, you can reach us via the phone number and E-Mail attached to our website. More information could be found there. We are looking forward to your message.


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