Flat Pack Modular Container


Flat Pack Modular Container

The flat pack modular container house is made by a sandwich panel and steel frame; it is developed from the design of the shipping container. Besides the advantages that shipping container has, our products have easy to transport, easy to customize, and low-cost features.

It can be used for different fields and different functions, such as a family house, working office, container guard hut, container dorms, portable container toilet, school, army house, canteen, etc.

Why choose us:

We have been specialized in manufacturing container house and prefab house, for more than 15 years, we have a complete and advanced production line and have geographical advantages, we are located in the original city of Xinxiang, Xiaodian industrial part. Here have the most advanced machine and completed supply chain.

1.We can design and produce various specifications of products according to the customers to meet different needs.

2.We provide a short delivery period, high-quality products.

3.We are a professional and responsible sales and technical team.

4.We help you purchase electrical and plumbing equipment which applies to your country with extra cost.

5.We warmly welcome you to visit our factory before placing an order, the true good quality withstands your test.

6.We give you a competitive and reasonable price, perfect after-sales service, strict market protections.


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