Houses Made From Containers


Houses Made From Containers

Houses Made From Containers are a popular temporary assembly housing. This kind of house is made up of individual container house spaces arranged and stacked on a unitized basis and fixed and connected by bolts, thereby expanding the use of space. At the same time, it can also manufacture according to the appearance model required by the customer. It is also the advantage of its strong plasticity that many customers build them into personalized villas for residential use.

Container House Characteristics
1. This kind of prefab container house uses steel as the skeleton structure, which has high overall strength and will not deform and collapse due to strong wind.
2. The wall and ceiling are tightly and seamlessly connected, and the waterproof effect is very significant.
3. The frame of the container body mainly includes four uprights, upper and lower beams, and floor beams. It has strong integrity, good compressive strength, and durability.
4. The house has undergone strict sealing technology to make the house suitable for use in various types of environments around the world.
5. The disassembly and assembly of the house are very simple, and it is also convenient for long-distance transportation.

Temporary offices, conference rooms, dormitories, hotel, canteen, and temporary shops, temporary schools, hospitals, washrooms, parking lots.


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