Living Container House


Living Container House

K-Home is one of the leading company in living container house, We are specialists in the production and installation of container dorm based on constructions site Our modular container are designed for different sectors: construction and public works, mining, oilfield, emergencies or military camps.

As we know, Construction site work is particularly hard and exhausting for the engineer, especially in a remote place, such as an oilfield and mine site. When working in there, the engineer are all exposed to the dry weather condition, and need to do some engineer work in a quiet place, also run around the site to guide is normal things, so one ground level office is necessary, it can build fast and move to the site completely.

Often the way to permanent housing is too far and need takes too much time, for the engineer, a temporary living housing solution had to be created directly on site: fast, easy installation and movable, with the mobile of construction work, Living Container House is able to meet these requirements without problem, for example, one oilfield work is finished, engineer need to go to another place to work, just take the office container together with you.


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