Living Homes Prefab


Living Homes Prefab

Living Homes Prefab is inspired by the school of modernism initiated by the Khome Steel Structure and widely practiced by great architects. These architects’ designs focus on an integration of form and function. Materials are authentically presented, devoid of adornment or dress. These prefabricated homes expand space through open floor plans and invite the outdoors in through floor to ceiling windows that bathed interiors with natural light.

The designers at Khome believe these ideals perfectly align with an environmental agenda that directs us to only use what we need. They don’t believe in dressing things up unnecessarily. Focusing on what they like to call “warm modernism,” khome designs their prefabs to integrate the light, volume, and linear forms you expect and adore in a modern space – in combination with the warmth and detail you find more typically in a Craftsman home. It’s all about high design with low environmental impact.

When compared to similarly-designed, similarly-equipped and similarly-constructed stick-built homes also designed by leading architects, Khome Steel Structure actually come out to be 20-40% less expensive. You may ask, “How do they do it?” The modular manufacturing process and efficient installation of Khome means they can offer the highest quality construction at the lowest cost.

As a company, Khome is committed to building Living Homes Prefab that are as healthy as possible, minimizing the homes’ environmental footprints with respect to resources used for construction, operation, and delivery. Homes built using traditional methods can be very unhealthy and extremely resource intensive. In contrast, Khome ‘s prefab homes make use of healthier, more sustainable building materials and energy-efficient systems and products.

Combining healthy materials and efficient systems with the Living Homes Prefab resource-saving modular fabrication process means that living homes contribute to cleaner air, water, and soil. When you purchase a prefabricated living room, both your home and your community become better places for people to live, learn, work and play.

On top of monetary value, there is the social value. Living Homes Prefab lessen the demand and operational costs of large-scale infrastructure, such as landfills, water supplies, and storm-water sewers.


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