Low-Cost Modular Prefabricated Houses


Low-Cost Modular Prefabricated Houses

Why are Low-Cost Modular Prefabricated Houses so popular? Because it has so many advantages! When using prefabricated houses, cheaper, fast installation and high-quality can be applied to temporary construction sites, like Oil fields, Drilling sites, Mine sites, Pipeline Construction Site and Remote sites. KHOME is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development of prefabricated modular houses. We are experienced and constantly innovate and reform. We have a professional technical team and installation team to ensure that your modular house can be built quickly and with high quality.

Prefabricated houses are light steel structures, so it is very convenient for transportation and construction. It can mainly provide temporary buildings for construction, agriculture, industry, schools, and other social activities. Because of simple assembly. This can greatly shorten the construction period. If you want your employees to stay in a comfortable stay, you also hope that the choice of Prefabricated Modular Room can best meet your needs without affecting the progress of the work.

Our Steel Frame House uses a modular structure and excellent craftsmanship. And we have been constantly innovating and have many advantages. When you provide accommodation for your employees, you can save a lot of money if you prefer an affordable prefabricated housing system. The materials we use are all environmentally friendly, and they will not harm the environment like reinforced concrete structures. And it can be built quickly, and the price is very cheap.

As KHOME company, we have designed dozens of prefab home plans for you. You can safely choose single-story prefab homes as your permanent living spaces. Our affordable prefab housing technologies were used in many mass housing projects, refugee camps, Cheap Portable Classrooms. For more detailed information about these prefabricated homes, which have many advantages, you can browse our website and contact us at the relevant phone numbers.

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