Metal Frame Homes


Metal Frame Homes

Building a metal frame home is a wonderful investment! Building with our steel framed systems you are getting superior strength, better energy efficiency, less maintenance, a non-combustible material, and the use of a renewable green product in your home’s main frame support system.

This alone makes it the preferred material to build for your family to deter maintenance cost and have that added protection in case of threatening weather or fire situations. Metal framed homes will never be compromised by termites or mold, therefore; there’s no need to use dangerous chemicals to prevent such, eliminating excessive maintenance costs. Metal frame homes also offer high energy efficiency when designed by our engineering team which maximizes utility bill savings.

If you are using your own plans, that’s OK, because we convert ANY house plan you love into a metal frame home package. PDF or Auto cad files are easy to send via email, thus enabling us to price quote your new home steel framing package in less time. Let us know the plan you are going to build and we will configure the price for the complete steel package including engineering design, erecting drawings and freight transport to your building location in any country of the world.

Khome Steel Structures has over 20 years of experience with steel framing kits for custom homes. Providing you with a quality complete engineered steel framing system and components and excellent service is our primary goal. We work with your needs, wants, and your location’s building codes to provide you a Metal Frame home kits for custom home.

If you have working architectural drawings, we can provide you an accurate quote usually within 1-3 business days. We price our buildings economically to save our customers the most money possible- sometimes saving you thousands of dollars without sacrificing engineering integrity or safety.

Our steel buildings can be engineered and shipped for domestic or international building codes, and are of ideal strength for high seismic, high-wind prone areas. Steel is 100% recyclable and we are proud that over half of our material is made from recycled materials such as cars. Building with steel conserves energy and other natural, raw materials. Steel does not host termites or mold, so there’s no need for toxic fumigation or costly structural repairs over time.


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