Metal Garage Buildings


Metal Garage Buildings

Nowadays metal garage buildings are not a stranger anymore for us all. It is commonly seen in various industries. Have you ever thought about what stimulates the need for prefabricated steel buildings? As we know, with the development of science and technology, more and more metal roofs are widely used in prefabricated buildings. Because sandwich panel has many advantages over traditional roof materials, such as good insulation, lightweight, and good waterproof performance. At the same time, the whole building can play a shielding role and prevent their cars from bad weather.

Compared with the traditional concrete and other materials, the prefab steel building is more easily adapted to the change of roof surface temperature, so long as the structure is properly designed, the waterproof and drainage performance can be secured.

Also, its lightweight could reduce the load of the building. The whole prefab storage building is more affordable and beneficial to the transportation and construction of materials. The higher recycling efficiency of waste metal materials can improve the environment in the long run. The prefab steel structure building can be customized as you require. You can tell us the length, width and height of the building. If you have a drawing, that would be better. So we can make a detail material list for you. If you need, you can also freely choose the material of wall, such as steel sheet, sandwich panel (EPS/ rock wool/ PU), etc.

If you have such a need, why not come to us. Being a pioneer in steel frame building, K-Home devotes itself to production and finally evolved into a high-tech company that could offer various technical solutions to the customers. Every year our transaction order is on the rise. Please contact us quickly.

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