Military Containerized Housing Unit


Military Containerized Housing Unit

We offer building solutions for Military Containerized Housing Unit Modular Barracks with the advantages of short-time production and quick installation. Our container buildings can be easily stocked or disassembled and moved to other locations thanks to its demountable system. Our modular buildings give special solutions to moving mechanized troops

The defense industry is one of the areas where the most budget is allocated, which is of great importance for every country. Every Military Containerized building used in this area requires very rigorous control. Each of these Demountable Army Buildings is critical due to the functions they have.

The durability of these structures, their long-term use, high quality in all aspects, and resistance to climatic conditions are important. The most used system for these structures is reinforced concrete structures.

Containerized Housing Unit is the building system used in every area from construction to health with the development of technology, development of new production systems. Generally, the production of the products which are produced as disassembled is completed in the factory environment, then the structures that are delivered as disassembled to the place requested by the customer are installed by expert teams.

It is delivered ready for use. Khome Steel Structure technologies have been delivering the highest quality products all over the world since 2007. K-home, which has proven itself with its exports to more than 10 countries in 3 continents, is also the reason for preference in the field of Military Containerized Housing Unit.

Prefab military structure needed in different parts of the world consist of large camps. There are offices, dormitories, dining halls, recreation facilities, indoor and outdoor sports arenas, and places of worship in the camp.

We produce Defense and Military Structures with our mobilization units, which can be used by moving mobile units moving places along with permanent structures.

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