Military Housing Camps


Military Housing Camps

Composed of stackable, prefabricated modules, our modular product is meant to offer a cost-effective, high-quality solution to affordable and supportive housing around the globe. Our prefab modules can be assembled in different configurations and can be quickly deployed.

We have a wide range of modular container options for you to choose.

These manufactured army containers are for camp accommodation projects. A vast amount of experience has been built over the years due to the amount of projects that we have undertaken. We have the ability to build living accommodations, such as sleeping units, offices, support units, fully equipped kitchen units, toilet room units, and many more.

There are army container solutions for different customers. So far, the Mali, Turkish, US Army, Spanish army and Afghan are using our containers for military applications.

The majority of our containers for military applications have the ISO 20ft standard container

Dimensions (width: 3000mm; length: 5950 mm, height: 2800mm) and can be transported by ship, truck, or rail. They are designed and proven for use in cold and hot weather.

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