Mobile Container Hospital


Mobile Container Hospital

That is the 21st century, natural disasters and emergencies frequently occur worldwide, which leads to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives as well as the direct and indirect economic losses is an undeniable fact. Poor organization and management during the rescue actions, the lack of large-scale, systematic medical rescue equipment were all high barriers to the outcomes. Should officials realize the advantages of the Mobile Container Hospitals in these situations, they will ponder over it much more scrupulosity.

Mobile hospitality represents an integral component of the healthcare system that delivers care to populations that are hard to reach by the traditional system, improving access and supporting prevention and chronic disease management. Mobile medical units are able to leverage.

The prefab medical hospital provides a wide range of services tailored to community needs. Some function as comprehensive patient-centered medical homes, while others focus on specific diseases, such as pediatric asthma. Mobile hospital trailers can produce significant cost savings as a result of their ability to provide community-tailored care in high-risk areas.

Khome Steel Structure also manufactures infrastructures complementary to the prefab hospitals; as standalone mobile solutions for mobile housing, container housing, portable showers, portable laundry, mobile kitchens, dining hall containers.

In the time of military operations or crisis (natural or artificial), there is a need for medical units such as ones of Khome Steel Structure.
Khome  medical container hospitals are easily deployable medical units that can perform sensitive medical treatments as soon as possible to save people’s lives. It can also provide various special and standard services for infectious disease all the way to dental services.

All the prefabricated and utility units (mobile container hospital) may inter-link one another using corridor units or to cabin-made rooms to expand the area and finally form a self-contained, self-sufficient health.

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