Mobile Steel Homes


Mobile Steel Homes

With its light-weight characteristics, Khome mobile steel homes provides enhanced safety against natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The main reason behind increased security is that load-bearing walls manufactured using steel structure .

Even after catastrophic events causing urban-level damages, steel skeleton does not completely fall down, thanks to the property of steel called ductility, and minimizes fatal failure.

Mobile steel homes have longer service life compared to other types, e.g. reinforced concrete buildings, since all the members are prefabricated using highest quality materials and minimizing production errors. Majority of production work is completed via a quality-controlled manufacturing process before on-site installation, and the construction of steel buildings takes a lot less time than other options. On-site assembly of mobile steel homes is carried out by our expert teams and we deliver turn-key building including waste and clean water installation and painting.

Why prefer Mobile Steel homes?

Mobile steel  homes and buildings are one of the rising trends of the construction industry in these years. The steel frame house method, which is an alternative to classical construction cycles, enables durable structures to be created much faster. In this sense, we can say that the architecture of the future will include steel construction houses and offices, offices and hospitals.

  • Because of high quality strong material It provides sound, heat insulation, reduces energy consumption costs.
  • Most of the cities in the World prefer to live in Steel homes because of high number of earthquake hits.
  • The installation process of mobile steel homes is not only faster, also environment friendly than ordinary homes.
  • Because of materials, logistic and Construction process costs are low, you may design a house with your own budget.


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