Modular Accommodation Units


Modular Accommodation Units

In today’s fast-paced world it has never been more important to look for quick and efficient solutions. Particularly in the Construction industryMining industryOilfield industryGas industry, etc., time means money – and that’s why Modular Accommodation Units have become so popular.

Khome Steel Structure has an experienced team of professionals able to assist you through the whole process of designing your man camp, all the way through to the logistics of delivering the container units to your site.

khome steel structure can provide accommodation facilities, ablutions, site offices, mobile storage units, kitchens fitted with high-quality catering equipment, dining and canteen halls, laundry units with heavy-duty washing and drying units.

Khome Containers Units are completely modular in design and can be joined together, with windows and doors positioned to suit almost any application. Bundles are also certified, which makes them ideal for ocean freight, and hassle-free delivery to any international destination.

Our container units come in various sizes and boast many useful features. For example, they’re:

Made from lightweight yet durable material

galvanized  coated

Wind and water-tight

Versatile, suitable for use in any location

Easy to transport


Modular (i.e. can be linked together)

Incredibly quick and easy to assemble

Just as the name suggests, this type of Modular Accommodation Container Units will arrives as a flat pack package – complete with everything you require to get it up-and-running. There’s no need for any specialist tools or machinery, such as forklifts or cranes. Each panel is light enough to lift. They can simply be carried to their desired position and constructed.


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