Modular Classroom Buildings


Modular Classroom Buildings

The modular classroom building is a new building structure system, which takes each room as a module unit, prefabricated in the factory, transported to the site, and assembled into the whole building by reliable connection. Among the whole prefab building, modular school buildings catch the most attention.

The most valuable asset of such modular classroom buildings is that they can keep the normal class order during the whole construction period. Some parents would be afraid of noxious materials of construction. However, this won’t happen in our modular classroom buildings. The reasons are listed below.

First, its fast assembly could shorten the building period. Generally, if you install a standard container house, it wouldn’t exceed 1 day even with unskillful 4 workers. Anyway, a portable classroom could improve efficiency compared to the traditional classroom building.

Second, the application of portable classroom building not only makes the house more solid, but also its unique heat preservation function, which will reduce the change of room temperature difference, reduce the dependence on air conditioning and heating equipment, and be more energy-efficient and environmental- friendly.

As portable school building is becoming more and more popular, people’s demands on its architectural style are increasingly complex. Architectural designers are constantly improving their design styles to meet the individual needs of owners. For example the size of various modules that the factory can manufacture, the direction of the house, and the details of the connection of each module.

If your school is going under renovation, I think this temporary portable school just cloud meet your requirements. Also, as an advanced company, we have accumulated many experiences, this all will help us do well in this industry. Come to K-Home, our professional technicians can offer you a customized satisfying solution based on your needs.

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