Modular Classroom Construction


Modular Classroom Construction

A modular classroom construction is an educational building constructed using pre-fabricated components which are built off-site and then assembled on location. Modular classrooms are often used as stand-alone single or multi-classroom buildings where space in the school has reached capacity. The key benefits of theses modular building methods are the cost and time savings during the building process compared to the traditional building methods.

Are modular classrooms portable?

Modular buildings are simply gain their name due to the way they are constructed, often in fixed locations with foundations. However, some styles of modular buildings can be craned in to the most accessible location, Modular units can be used as stand alone buildings and they can also be transported to other locations if needed.

Are modular classrooms temporary?

Again, this depends on the provider you choose to use. Our bespoke modular classroom construction are permanent, designed in accordance with euro code zero to exceed 15 years lifespan.

Modular classroom construction can be both temporary and permanent depending on your requirements.

Our Process

Our school buildings are designed by our Architects to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as conventional, site built structures are prepared by engineering team. Whilst every building is different and tailored to the specific needs of your modular classroom construction, we use a modular approach to our construction process.

What is the build time?

There are many factors that can impact the build time of a project, but we aim to complete a build of a typical 1 classroom modular building in 3 weeks.

From the time you contact our representatives we can immediately start working on your modular classroom construction, Our design team will prepare your modular classrooms according to your needs.

Khome steel structure facility can finish your project within 3 weeks and it can be shipped to your destination within the date told by our representatives.


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