Modular Containerized Units


Modular Containerized Units

Modular containerized units provide a comfortable industrial housing solution where employees feel safe. Container-based modular housing solutions stand up to extreme conditions and include climate control, fast and convenient plumbing and electrical connections, and living space where occupants can relax and sleep.

Sturdy, weather-resistant and modular, repurposed steel structure containers are suitable for an infinite number of industrial, military and workplace applications. Using heavy-duty modular containers as a blank canvas, our engineering and design teams can customize these structures based on your unique goals and specifications.

When creating modular containerized units, Khome steel structure and local engineering team assembled our modular containers into a three-story public gathering space/dormitory for workers in just 10 working days. Since the entire project was completed in less than quarter of a year – half the time traditional construction would have taken – the customer was able to profit months earlier thanks to  the advantages of modular units construction .

Inherently durable and mobile, repurposed modular containerized units stand up to the harsh environments found at industrial job sites. Khome steel structure modular locker room and restroom buildings arrive fitted with climate-control equipment, turnkey plumbing and easy-to-clean interiors.

Employees who work at remote job sites — in extreme weather or with hazardous materials — need a comfortable space to take a break, shower and change clothes. Khome’ s climate-controlled modular containerized unit buildings check all of the boxes and more.

Quickly deployable and easily expandable medical modular containers with the essential features to keep medical personnel safe, secure, and comfortable. Provide critical triage, testing, vaccinations, and patient care during medical emergencies such as COVID-19. As your organization needs change, adapt quickly with the mobility of modular containerized units,

mobile  units…. Modular  Buildings… Guide to Offsite Modular Construction… Serve any community, utilize open space, or expand your facility with a mobile unit from Khome Steel Structures.

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