Modular Home Kit


Modular Home Kit

Modular Kit homes are essentially mail-order homes, delivered in parts by Khome Steel Structure and stick-built on your property either by you or by contractors. House kits are far more affordable than hiring contractors to source all the materials themselves. You can order a kit home at khome to build anything from a work studio to a bungalow to a three-bedroom contemporary home.

Like any other stick-built home, prefab  kit homes vary in floor plans and pricing. Still, they can be considerably cheaper to build than traditional houses. Many manufacturers of kit homes have business models that are similar to those of modular kit homes. In fact, Khome Steel Structure offers modular options (built off-site and delivered in sections). Building or assembling modular home kit  in a climate-controlled environment exponentially shortens the build time and, therefore, the labor costs.Khome steel structure uses state of art technology to build prefab kit homes for our clients worldwide.

Because the construction materials are manufactured in the  factory, the cost for the materials is often lower. This also helps reduce transportation costs, both financial and environmental.

We send completely assembled kit house to our clients saving time, money and labour cost.

Benefits Of Modular home Kits

Cost: Kit homes are typically cheaper than general contractor traditional home builds, for a number of reasons.


Quick delivery: Khome engineering team can typically get the entire kit organized and delivered to you within weeks.


Rapid construction: Because every piece is pre-cut and labeled with directions on how to assemble the house, it can be built significantly more quickly and accurately.


Customization: The biggest benefit to building any home from the ground up is bringing a homeowner’s customized dream home to life.


New home: Modular Kit homes are just as durable as any other stick-built home and can easily last 25+ years. Plus, you get to be the first inhabitants.


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