Modular Living Accommodation


Modular Living Accommodation

 Modular Living Accommodation is a new generation of container modular houses. Fast installation, it only takes 3 people about 4 hours to accomplish the installation and can be used, simple, and easy to operate. it will greatly save your time and cost.

Combined home can be used as worker dormitory and camp can include accommodation, restaurant, toilet, bathroom, laundry room, office, etc. Used as a temporary camp on the construction site, it saves costs, protects the safety of workers, and greatly increases the progress of the project. We can provide matching furniture, such as bed, desk, wardrobe, air-conditioning, toilet facilities, shower facilities, etc. ( according to your requirements ) Prefab Modular house is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, easy to assemble, movable, fireproof, and waterproof.

Nowadays, in order to protect the environment and reduce the generation of construction waste, Modular Container Prefab House is becoming more and more popular, become the choice of most people.

Why choose our container house as the Portable Sleeping Accommodation?

1. it is connected by bolts. During transportation, the parts can be transported in batches instead of the whole, which can greatly save your freight costs.

2. it is very convenient and fast to install. Three people can complete the installation of a standard container house in only 4 hours, which will save you time and labor costs.

3. it can be easily lifted and moved. When you want to move it, you can use a crane to remove it entirely.

4. we use a lot of steel, so the house has a good weighing capacity and can be used for many years. While using a lot of steel, we try to control our costs, so that we can give you a nice price.

5. we can provide supporting designs, such as dormitory, office, bathroom, toilet, canteen, laundry room, etc.

6. if you need, we can provide supporting furniture, such as bed, table, air conditioner, wardrobe, toilet, etc.

7.Most Important, the container house is very economical, low-cost people can afford it.


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