Modular Office Spaces


Modular Office Spaces

We understand the ebbs and flows, as well as the constant unpredictable fluctuations that businesses have today and we can guarantee that a product from KHOME Steel Structure, modular office spaces will fulfil your all kinds of needs for an office on site.

Modular offices are a necessity in a loud, bustling workplace and we have many solutions to help thwart the realities of warehousing. Whether it is to conduct team meetings, interviews, control operations, or simply have lunch or make a phone call, a Prefab office provides a clean, quiet office or cleanroom to get away from the seemingly inescapable dirt and noise.

Our design and engineering team at Khome Facilities can provide you with multiple options for your modular office spaces. Our design team will help you with sketch of your desired prefab office and engineering team will build  just according to your needs for the modular office. Whether it’s a construction site or a hospital Khome Steel structure has you covered. With experience of more than 15 years, we have helped businesses all around the world to setup prefab offices just according to their needs. We have custom designs and our clients can have a look at them, if suitable they can choose from it otherwise they can provide us with their design and our engineering team will do the rest.

The average order can usually ship within five days of order confirmation. Khome offers multiple designs for  four-walled offices made of steel or aluminum, which are completely customizable. The frame, wall panels, ceiling/roof, windows, doors, electrical, lighting, and climate control can all be adapted to your preference. There are numerous other options that can be tailored to your office needs. Visit Khome website and contact our dedicated team of customer service for more details about customizable modular offices.


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