Modular Relocatable Offices


Modular Relocatable Offices

As our company grows, meanwhile more and more employees come, we need more modular office room urgent. As we are busy, to settle an office is the shortest period is best.

So our modular container house is the best solution, because its fast assembles, ready to move in, can be expanded anytime, recycle to use, low foundation request, no need harmful to the land next to the office. So we just use the previous construction cement as the foundation.

We use 2 days only to finish all the building structure, once we completed it, our staff could move in directly and starts to work.

What could it be like inside this temporary mobile office, with the limited space inside our factory, we build 2 stories container office now. The first floor has a reception room, management office, account office, a small water bar for our staff could oven their meals, toilet room, and restroom. On the second floor are a meeting room and 2 bedrooms for our guard to have rest at night.

The first-floor use 4 units container house, the total is 72 square meters, covers land (L*W) 12*6meters. On the second floor, we use 3 units’ containers and 1 platform. To make this office more beautiful, we use a full glass window to make the whole steel structure building looks more attractive.


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