Modular Site Accommodation


Modular Site Accommodation

K-Home China is a leading manufacturer of Modular Site Accommodation, this standard container unit is widely used in the oilfield and mining site digging industry.
With superior quality and excellent services. Our mobile camp crew quarters are designed for quality and durability to withstand all working conditions.
Our modular living quarters are designed to provide comfort, sufficient space, and safety for each crew member after the job. Besides the facilities we can provide, we focus on the existing material which we have provided, such as all the material is fireproof, all the steel structure is galvanized. The wall panel should be tightened sealed to make sure the quiet inside the dorm; providing superior bed and bath linens, which we have selected for comfort and durability; kitchen sets which include all items necessary for cooking and baking; furnishing the living and dining areas with top of the line appliances and furniture; High Definition televisions included as standard equipment for relaxing entertainment.
Each building could provide AC and heat for both summer and winter comfort. We k-home will work with you to create a home away from home feeling for your crews including upgraded doors, countertops, cabinets, and stainless appliances. This attention to detail makes for a better working and resting environment, giving you satisfied, well-rested employees.
We offer layout options customized to your housing needs including 2 to 8 man crew quarters. The others like kitchen, dining, bath, and laundry options and we can work with you to customize any area of your crew quarter depending upon your specific needs.
If your order is more than 40 units, you can choose from over 20 exterior color options to match your company colors.


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