Modular Workforce Housing


Modular Workforce Housing

Our state-of-the-art Prefab Modular houses feature bedrooms and private washrooms with hotel quality finishes, high speed connectivity, and world-class amenities like commercial kitchens and dining, recreation facilities, and entertainment lounges

As one of China’s  leading commercial modular construction companies, we can build pretty much anything you need, almost anywhere you need it. We can also design these Prefab structures to be permanent or completely relocatable, giving you added flexibility to scale up or down, or even turn a Prefab camp no longer in use into a lasting community legacy somewhere else.

Every Amenity Imaginable Available For Your Modular Workforce Housing

No matter how remote your site, building modular workforce housing can overcome just about any logistical challenge. Lack of roads and infrastructure can be a challenge, but completing construction off-site in one of our facilities and then delivering to your project location can make sure your Modular camp has all the amenities you desire.

Modular Building while site preparation occurs can reduce your overall project timeline by up to 50%, meaning your prefab building can be open and occupied sooner.

Removing up to 80% of on-site activity means less deliveries, storage and material waste, reduced air and water pollution, less dust, noise and environmental impact overall.

Our specialized workforce completes construction within our dry, climate-controlled factory environment, meaning increased efficiency, attention to safety and quality control.

Our dry, climate-controlled construction facility reduces delays due to weather, and efficiently systemizes the build, reducing issues with sub-trades and crew scheduling.

Building the majority of the components for Modular Buildings in our modern manufacturing facility ensures superior quality control and consistency leading to a better quality product.

Reduced construction escalation costs through an expedited building process.

We’re at the forefront of building the next generation of Modular workforce accommodations designed to attract and retain employees.


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