Office Container Blocks


Office Container Blocks

The total of the project is about 148 sets container house, for underground five layers, with business office area, leisure, living quarters, shop, catering functional areas etc. The project is equipped with basketball court (tennis / badminton court), pavilion, fountain, rockery, landscaping engineering, wooden corridors, intelligent engineering design. It adopts symmetrical quadrangle design.

office container
The office areas have been added the pyramid roof. 200m2 Prefab kit house are used to the dining hall, large conference room, restroom and bathroom. (Camp house)

Conception: Green, Environmental Protection

(1) Use the self-built water-cycling system. The collected rainwater, after processing, can be used as irrigation water or water for life.
(2) Use water permeable bricks, without seeper on the ground.
(3) Use solar energy for street lighting within the project area.

Quantity: 148 units of flat pack container house (living quarters: 70 units,office area-1: 58 units, office area- 2: 20 units)


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