Oil Field Camp


Oil Field Camp

The Henan K-HOME Steel Structure Co., Ltd is a leading expert when it comes to Oil Field Camp and Oilfield Man Camp services at flexible price rates. As you know quality field camp solutions are a requirement now and most brands don’t cater to the client requirement exactly. The company comes with better Oil Field Camp construction solutions that are more efficient as well as cost-effective for both beginner and professional-grade factories. The camps are designed with leading industrial-grade methodologies to provide future-proofing and longevity with fewer maintenance costs. The Henan K-HOME Steel Structure Co., Ltd even provides various kinds of camp container houses like Construction Site Camp, Drilling Camps, Military Camp, Refugee Camp, and world-class Oil Field Lodging solutions at affordable options.

The company is also a potent supplier of low-cost affordable housing, construction site container, prefabricated accommodation container, living container house, portable medical clinic, container school classroom, temporary refugee camps, portable ablution container, prefab site office, customized mine camp facilities, turnkey camp accommodation, detachable flat pack container house, prefab container house, porta cabin living accommodation, prefab construction workers camp, flat pack container house and other kinds of solutions.


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