Oilfield Quarters Accommodation


Oilfield Quarters Accommodation

Oilfield Quarters Accommodation—

Information about portable container and accommodation units. Single container or as a modular building; Available sizes; Applications & uses; Panel system; Portable accommodation Containers and Containerized housing are the ideal solution to your temporary accommodation requirements. Portable Accomodation. If you’re looking for high-quality construction site portable container accommodation, look no further than K-Home.

K-Home accommodation containers are the favorite of mining, construction sectors and those who want to own a house in a cheap and easy way with its fast production and installation and economical price possibilities. Containers that can be used for accommodation needs in the construction sector and mining sector are human health and environmentally friendly. Containers, which are safe and comfortable accommodation units in all seasons with their high insulation feature, can be delivered anywhere in the world within weeks only with the difference of K-Home at very affordable prices.

Oil field projects are one of the most preferred projects for container structures. It is almost imperative that the structures to be used for oil fields can be used in all seasons, ready for use in a very short time, and have an economical price, just like in construction projects. Each of these elements will significantly affect both the project completion time and the project budget.

As a company with 10 years of industry experience, we have produced accommodation containers for many different fields such as construction, natural gas and mineral exploration. We have completed the buildings where hundreds, even thousands of personnel can be accommodated in some projects, in record time in just weeks and installed them at the delivery site. Along with our quality structures, we help you decide which quality structure is the most suitable for your project. We can build your large scale projects from scratch, such as construction, mining and natural gas, which are very complicated and have a very low error margin, and we help your existing camps.

Thanks to New Generation Container technology, we produce our structures unwelded. Unwelded system enables easy installation of structures and provides convenience in the need for expansion. Thanks to the easy installation steps, their installation does not take long. Strong, durable and comfortable K-Home accommodation containers are available in 3 * 6 mm sizes or can be combined to create larger buildings and multi housecontainer when needed. The full steel structure of the container, combined with internal insulation, means the building can withstand even the harshest climates.


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