Panelized Home Kit


Panelized Home Kit

A panelized home kit is a pre-engineered structure. The theory behind this type of construction is that when a building is pre-built in a controlled environment, the craftspeople will not be affected by weather, lack of materials at hand, or the other obstacles that arise whenever one is building a prefab house on site.

The idea behind the stock designs is that the customer doesn’t have to pay to reinvent the wheel. Each panelized home starts from a standard design and is customized to the client’s unique needs. While each prefab home is individually designed and built, the buyer benefits from the discount on parts that are made in quantity.

After the designers and clients decide on a finalized plan, the Khome engineering team begins building panels and steel structure for the components of the panelized house. The coding of materials is a critical aspect in erecting the new modular home on its site. Each piece of material is marked with a unique number code.

Site Evaluation
Below is list of basic factors Khome’ s  designers consider when performing a site evaluation:

  • The path of the sun throughout the year and ways to orient the panelized house kit to benefit from natural solar gain and cooling efficiency.
  • Location of various rooms to receive sunlight at the appropriate time and to take advantage of the best views for the prefab house.
  • Designing the modular house and its interior spaces to flow with existing land contours for minimum disruption of the site’s beauty.
  • Which trees to keep, and which ones to prune or cut to maximize views.
  • Prevailing wind patterns for maximum heating and cooling efficiency of the panelized home kit.
  • The location of the well, septic system, and driveway.
  • Low or wet areas, natural drainage patterns, steep slopes, or hidden ledges that might influence the location of the prefab house.


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