Panelized Prefabricated homes


Panelized Prefabricated homes

Henan K-HOME Steel Structure Co., Ltd is one of the best suppliers of panelized prefabricated homes and prefab homes that have become a potent requirement in the industrial fields. As you know portable homes have become an industry-level requirement for tons of emerging companies and industries that need a workforce at their tips. The company has established itself among the best Turnkey Modular Homes manufacturer at a stipulated rate and brings better home solutions for workers. The homes are preferred more than preliminary homes are better suited than normal rental residents and apartments preferably on the price part. The steel frame prefab homes designed by Henan K-HOME Steel Structure Co., Ltd are now an industry-grade standard and have a brilliant market appreciation.

The Henan K-HOME Steel Structure Co., Ltd has all kinds of prefab homes and similar solutions like prefabricated dormitory, temporary buildings schools, portable classroom building, container commercial buildings, affordable prefab homes, prefab k camp, prefab worker camp, construction office containers, prefabricated porta cabins, flat-pack site cabins, prefabricated construction, pre-assembled buildings, field hospital container, ablution container, modular medical center, portable school buildings and other kinds of homes.


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