Porta Cabin Living Accommodation


Porta Cabin Living Accommodation

For the Porta Cabin Living Accommodation in the mining industry field, most of the sites are far away from populated areas. Mostly, in those areas, the road is underdeveloped yet, traffic is very difficult, and also sufficient goods also limited.

To start to develop this area or start work in this area, the priority thing is to solve the house for FIFO to live in and work in.

How to find a solution for the workers camp, the office is a quite big challenge. Because of the natural environment limited, don’t have so many things could to choose, must take from outside. How to solve the problem in the fastest way and most economic method?  Meanwhile, don’t compromise the comfortable of FIFO? Is it possible? For FIFO this house means a home away from home. So the comfortable is must consider.

That is what we K-Home do, we can solve your Porta Cabin Accommodation with our products.

After having been working in this fast assemble prefab house for many decades, the modular porta cabin has been upgraded many times.

Now Porta Cabin Living Accommodation reaches an ideal situation as below:

  1. All the parts are screw connected, it means like LEGO toys, we send all pieces to your site, and you can assemble the house very easily based on the installation manual, like big toys. And meanwhile, it will save a lot of money for investors on transportation.
  2. Modular produced, all the parts are modular produced, it means no matter how big your project it is, the components parts for 1 house and for 100 houses is the same, you might take more time when assembling the 1st unit, but after that, you assemble will be very fast.
  3. Ready to move in: After assemble, the windows, doors, lights, sanitary, etc all is done. No need to make decorations again. It could reach a ready to move-in condition, no need wait for even 1 minute.


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