Portable Ablution Container


Portable Ablution Container

Portable Ablution Container, a new generation portable ablution blocks.

Our portable ablution container uses the latest drainage system:

The first is about the ground: cement board + waterproof felt + aluminum board. Three layers of protection, fast drainage. So that your ablution blocks ground is easy to clean and not easy to slip.

The second is about our roof system: Our roof system adopts a sloping roof, and the water does not accumulate on the roof but flows down. At the same time, we have 4 water gutters on the roof beam, plus 4 drainpipes in the column. Rainwater can flow down easily, and will not wet your house.

The house is fast installation. It only takes 3 person about 4 hours to accomplish one standard container installation. Simple and easy to operate. it will greatly save your time and cost.

Modular toilet shower blocks is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, easy to assemble, movable, fireproof and waterproof.

Nowadays, in order to protect the environment and reduce the generation of construction waste, mobile toilet unit is becoming more and more popular, become the choice of most people.
If you want temporary, fast construction, low cost, ablution toilet block, our prefabricated ablution blocks is your best choice.


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