Portable Accommodation For Sale


Portable Accommodation For Sale

As a professional container site camp manufacturer, we have been working on container houses for more than 15 years and completed many projects in more than 20 countries.

Most of the time, you need a large area, such as want to combine some container houses together to meet your different design or size requirement. You need to send us your design or detail requirement, we can make the drawing according to your requirement for free charge.

Our design team will make the free CAD drawing according to your detailed request, if you confirm the order, our designer can also make the free 3d drawing for you.

Below is the project we have made recently

This is a 2 storey building used for the container worker dormitory. Thanks for the all screw connected structure, so as right now, the client needs a small building, once they recruit more workers, could buy more units then put it next to this building, it is very easy to assemble.

Each floor consisted of 2 standard container units, have one small toilet room inside, so workers could have a quick shower after work, no need to go outside, it is very convenient.

Due to local have a lot of rains, so extra waterproof and water drainage of the house is also very necessary. So we put A-shaped gable roof for water could flow down quickly.


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