Portable Amenities Building


Portable Amenities Building

Simply stated, a portable amenities building is an apartment that takes advantage of steel structure container architecture. But within that definition is a lot of variability.

Some container apartments are two to three-story midrises, while others are seven floors high! Some apartments use a single Cabin container as the footprint for a unit, while others have a floorplan that spans across multiple containers.

Additionally, you have the purpose of the Portable Amenities Building to consider. Some of them are built with containers purely as a way to get a lower price of construction. Others utilize containers because the project is only temporary in nature and will eventually have to be moved. And then, there are some apartment complexes that use steel structure containers mostly because of their aesthetic qualities.

When you consider apartments built from steel structure, you face many of the same benefits and drawbacks that affect other container home owners. However, there are some unique aspects as well.

Khome does best to consider those of you who may be interested in building or investing in container apartments, as well as those who are just interested in living in one!

Most portable amenities building are at advantage , where the containers are at least partially modified offsite. After that, each container is brought to the project site where they are assembled, connected, and finished. This concept impacts speed for building the container building.

Off-site modifications can be done in a factory which leads to speed (and quality) improvements. There’s no weather to worry about, no working at heights, and no tools that go missing. You don’t have to bring in specialty workers from out of town.


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