Portable Classroom Building


Portable Classroom Building

We K-Home is the leading manufacturer and provider of modular building blocks, modular wall systems, and partition screens for schools, corporate offices, residential apartments and homes, and government facilities. We offer an array of options and complimentary design services to help you meet your needs.

For more than 15 years, we K-Home has built a successful record in relocatable modular school buildings for a variety of education building needs of public and private schools, universities and colleges, and vocational schools in Africa country.

The modular portable classroom is the ideal solution for developing many types of small to medium-sized modular school building and classrooms.

Our portable classroom focus is ideally suited for providing your relocatable modular school buildings whenever or wherever you need more classroom space. Our comprehensive approach to temporary modular school takes into consideration a wide range of factors such as Proper facility layout and design, or anything else you need.

It is a portable building, but it doesn’t mean it can pack into your pocket anytime, it should fixed with foundation, however, when you need change to next location, the house can be disassemble and re assemble in next location or use crane take it to next place.

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