Temporary Modular School Building


Temporary Modular School Building

Overcrowded classrooms?  Or need Portable Classrooms urgent? Our Portable Classrooms Temporary Modular School Building options give you complete flexibility to create educational space to fit your exact needs. Standard and customized floorplans are available to meet your specific educational purpose and unique space challenges.

It is very easy to customize the prefab units to meet your specific educational needs, space challenges, and budgets. In addition to classrooms, school portables are perfect for administrative offices, computer labs, libraries or special curriculum activities. Plus, we can provide The Essentials to save you time and money – everything you need – from steps and ramps to awnings and more for a fully functioning, portable classroom solution.

The prefab house is built with modular items, thanks to all the modular house products, so it is very easy to make assemble.

The calculation way is mK x nK x aP=Length x Width x Height. K=1820mm.P=950mm, N is any integer>=2 K

So for the most cost-effective, and to save materials for you, we always suggest the size requirement based on the basic size, so it will reduce cutting more panels to waste material.

These Affordable Steel Kit Homes not only could be used for Prefab School Classrooms, because of the low-cost price, convenient mobile, and recyclable materials, this kind of house is widely used in construction site and the camp, such as the office, accommodation, stock, canteen, refugee house, etc.


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