Portable Container Cabins


Portable Container Cabins

Portable Container Cabins offer savings in time, money, and convenience over site-built structures. Time is saved using pre-engineered framing systems which don’t require the expense of an architect just to get an estimate from a site-built contractor. Money is saved from the economies of scale of purchasing materials in wholesale quantities and in labor costs from working in a controlled factory environment. Convenience at the site is achieved by eliminating the noise, clutter, and dust from site-built construction. Prefab buildings require only one trip to the job site, not scores of trips by workers building on site. And the prefab building can be relocated later when needs change.
Being lightweight and durable, the portable site cabins offer easy relocation and hassle-free service. Suitable for vast application ranges and offered in various sizes and designs, they are breakthrough solutions that come with the following features:
High tolerance, corrosion resistance, and durability are the praised features of our portable container cabins
Aesthetic finish of the portable room structures requires no additional painting
All electrical facility – wiring, socket, light fixtures are provided.
The portable cottages require a very simple foundation
Great resistance to natural disasters and weatherproof


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