Portable Demountable Buildings


Portable Demountable Buildings

If you don’t know much about portable demountable buildings, imagine an industrial-sized flat pack without the headache of self-assembly.

The key advantages that come with household portable demountable buildings are ease of transport, reduced cost, speed of build (as long as there are words to go with the images!), and flexibility of use – ie you could dismantle the item and store it if you become short of space.

Demountable portable buildings tick all the same boxes and in recent years have opened up a whole new world of options to industrial businesses. 

Many people refer to the relocatable structures as ‘portable’, ‘modular’ or ‘temporary’ – meaning, they can be moved, but not by completely dismantling. Portable demountable buildings for example are usually dropped into a place fully assembled and removed by reversing the process.

More often than not yes, and the factors that create the demountable-ness, are benefits in themselves.

Easy, fast transport – the demountable building will be packed, loaded, and transported in parts. This allows for easy, fast and affordable transport, usually one lorry load.

Easy, fast installation portable demountable buildings need to be lightweight so they are generally engineered using an industrial steel frame. This lightweight but durable frame is easier to transport and handle.

Flexible use – if you are multi-sited it would be easy to demount the building from one site and relocate to another for different use. Alternatively, you could demount the building and store it until it needed to be re-installed and operational again.

Value – a portable demountable building will retain its value as no damage is done in the dismantling process. Being engineered with a steel frame also means it’s non-corrosive and will not rust. The ability to demount and sell the building at any time is always going to remain an option.


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