Portable Living Containers


Portable Living Containers

It’s a well-known fact that modular containers are built for portability. Their screw connected steel structure and rectangular shape create the perfect unit to load into ship to overseas, and although their portability is important.


Choosing to repurpose an affordable modular housing into a portable and temporary living space is beneficial for a variety of industries. A few of the industries that utilize these structures include:

Organizations that find themselves needing multiple units tend to benefit the most from repurposed containers. A container can be stacked on top of another, cut and combined to create a larger space, or added as an individual unit to scale a facility as needed. These Larger facilities are common for organizations that need portable living space, making shipping containers a great choice to make the design, construction, and growth of these facilities more manageable. Temporary oil field housing, for example, often includes more than just a space for crew members to sleep, they need laundry services, dining areas, restrooms, and showers. Modular containers allow for a customized configuration of individual boxes, enabling a company to design the facility that works well for them. The ability to create a larger living facility helps make the most of the allotted space on a remote man camp, and as the facility expands, more site containers can be added with ease.

Our portable modular container housing is both a reliable choice and a practical one. The galvanized steel container structures can be trusted to last 15 years, even in difficult environments. As the containers are frequently moved around, they can be trusted to remain safe for their residents.


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