Portable Medical Clinic


Portable Medical Clinic

Portable Medical Clinic—–In this special period of COVID-19 epidemic, container clinic has become a mainstream.

Because it is very fast to install, dozens of wards can be completed in just a few days. The construction time is greatly reduced. In this special period, saving time is equivalent to saving lives.

In February of this year, the epidemic in China was relatively serious. We provided a batch of container clinics to a city in China (Weihui City). In just one week, we completed this portable medical clinic with more than 100 wards, allowing people to perform tests and treatments more quickly. We have contributed our strength to the fight against the epidemic.
We know that the world is now in COVID-19, so we want to make a contribution to the people of the world. If you want to build container clinics, we will give you the best price. Because we know that you are great because you are also contributing to the fight against the epidemic. We respect heroes, so we will definitely give you the best price and contribute our strength to the world’s fight against the epidemic.


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