Portable Office Accommodation


Portable Office Accommodation

K-home Portable Office Accommodation are expandable, versatile, and comfortable. Now, Now, they can be seen many times, and it’ll be a trend in coming days.

Our portable accommodation cabin are designed for different purposes of living. They can be used as prefabricated offices, and also as industrial Job site living for workers. Modular construction is flexible which means the prefabricated building can be moved feasibly.

Before being used for accommodation or as a container office, K-home prepares test modular office accommodation units with the help of state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team in a controlled environment.

There are ample enough amounts of benefits compared to the traditional buildings.

Traditional buildings consume lots of time and use numerous labor for construction, but when it comes to Accommodation Camps, all of these problems are not there anymore.

The modular units are built in k-home facility, so there is no planning of buying different kinds of materials for your house. Our engineering will take care of that.

Portable Living Accommodation also cost less than the traditional buildings in a huge difference. It’s not just the price is different, once the modular accommodation unit is ready, there are no other maintenance charges as they come with the traditional buildings. Modular buildings come with a life span of almost 15 to 20 years, so it’s a one-time purchase, and then the building is all set for long-term service.

We can describe lots of benefits of Temporary Portable Accommodation Containers, but one of the most important factors about prefabricated units is movable, they can be relocated from one place to another within a matter of days. K-Home Modular accommodation being used in job site living for the workforce.

Once the job is finished prefabricated modular units can be relocated to the next place for the workforce.

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