Portable Office Spaces


Portable Office Spaces

Sandwich Panel is exceedingly common in construction materials. It enjoys a high reputation among building constructors. People usually see its form in large factories, Portable Office Spaces, studios, supermarkets, hospitals, and some other heat-isolated places. As one of the leading companies that specialize in sandwich panel construction, K-Home comes first on the list and offers a varied solution for customers from home and abroad. Keeping people satisfied is always our pursuit. Construction Mobile Office has lots of advantages, like environmental protection, convenience, flexibility, efficiency, and safety of container houses have become more prominent. do you know what makes our products highly above others, please see the following parts.

  1. sandwich Panel high stability lets people free from the suffering of heavy wind, storms, and earthquakes.
  2.  the panel can keep the house warm even the temperature is far below 0 degrees centigrade.
  3. The sandwich panel construction can last 20 years, and the disassembled materials could be recycled to 100 percent.
  4. It can secure the owners to live as fast as possible and it is an energy-saving task. With no more than 5 workers can have it made up.
  5. Its fascinating appearance is another feature. With no other decoration, such a house could meet the basic need of the house owner.
  6.  Our scheduled delivery time will not be affected by such thing as the shortage of raw materials, because we have the whole chain of the processing.                                                                            K-home company has established friendly relationships with many countries from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and our annual volume reaches $ 20 million. Encouraged by the good comments from our customers and our advanced technology, we will ascend to the top place in this industry. We are one of the pioneering companies that specialize in Container Office and  Prefab Houses. Our representative product, construction site temporary office is welcomed by many foreign customers. Our business has expanded to South Africa, Austria, America, England, and other 20 countries.

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