Portable School Classrooms


Portable School Classrooms

Do you want to build a Portable School Product? K-Home would be your first choice! As one of the biggest suppliers that export lightweight steel frame houses, K-Home has undergone extensive innovation and generally came first on the list. Since the year K-Home built a company in Xin Xiang, Henan province, it has formed a friendly business relationship with more than 20 countries, and the visitors to our processing factory are on the rise recently. What makes our products so welcomed? The reasons maybe lie in the following three parts.

First is its high degree of cleanliness. Temporary Buildings Schools are a kind of light steel structure, a recyclable material. These houses are connected by bolts and colored by galvanization. All its components are processed in the original factory. The whole process from choosing materials to assembly actually does no harm to the environment. Pollution problem won’t come up if there is wide use of the Lightweight Steel Frame House
Second, compared to some houses, this steel frame house is relatively lower in weight. That means it would be easy to package and deliver. Portable Classroom Cabin is a very ideal building material. With it, the whole construction period can shrink to 2 weeks even the installation workers aren’t so skillful. As regards its delivery time. We promise that we dispatch them straight away once the products are sealed into the box. We are trying to save time for our buyers.
Then, these Lightweight Steel Frame Houses have wide use. It can be Portable Classrooms, a hotel, department, office, or something. All the sizes and decorations could be tailor-made. Any of them is certainly meeting your demands. Messages can be reached to us by the E-Mail. Our customer service is available for you anytime. Please feel free to contact us. More information about our other products could be kept from our website.


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