Portable Site Cabins


Portable Site Cabins

Khome is a leader in manufacturing Portable Site Cabins. We combine the experience of expert team and state of the art technology to offer prefab containers to make the living easier. Our modular buildings such as Portable Site Cabins, Porta Cabin Containers have been delivered to countries all over the world.

Flat Pack Site Cabins manufacture by Khome are used in many areas of life such as offices or container houses, they can also be used as worker living camps or can be turned into prefabricated shower and toilet blocks.

With our engineered and designed model joined by Prefabricated Porta Cabins we have the ability to produce multi storey buildings.

By means of insulated roof, the Porta Cabin Construction is sufficient for the sound and temperature needs. If you build onsite building the costs are usually very high and the time it takes is very long but prefabricated buildings are built in and indoor facility so there are no weather delays in manufacturing of the prefabricated buildings.

Porta Cabin Kits from Khome steel structure are designed and prepared at khome facility and tested many times for the quality of the products. There many advantages to porta cabin containers.You can always transport them to different places different uses.

If you are planning a backyard building behind your house then a prefabricated building will be a perfect solution as it will not take time and the hassle required in the traditional buildings.

Since the Flat Pack Container House are modular so they can be planned and designed in advance for your need. Prefabricated buildings are capable of responding to all kinds of requests. In harsh weathers the traditional buildings usually do not last longer but the prefabricated buildings are completely opposite to that so if you are planning to build then prefabricated buildings are a flexible and more efficient choice for your building.

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