Portable Toilet Shower Block


Portable Toilet Shower Block

If you’re a construction site owner I hope you’ll agree with me when I say maintaining outdoor facilities is a challenge. The rain can seriously make maintaining facilities difficult.

What if I told you this would no longer be an issue?

Portable Toilet Shower Block , as you can imagine, require cleaning daily which for some construction sites is too much hard work. It’s not because they’re lazy or don’t care about hygiene but for some construction sites, it’s too much work for a small crew.

On top of this, because toilet and shower blocks are outside permanently you’ll find that not only does their life expectancy decrease but the rate of maintenance also increases.

Obviously, this isn’t the case for all prefab toilet and shower blocks but some are really poorly built and lead to things such as damp and cracked cladding.

Let’s weigh that up for a second though: As a construction site owner, you have to not only maintain your construction site for 365 days a year but also a wash block for 365 days of the year. Daily cleaning and regular maintenance is enough to drive anyone insane.

You always analyze the advantages of anything before you make an impulse decision. For  majority of workers, they like to be able to clean themselves.

Staying clean in this situation isn’t always a priority but when you stay at a construction site where you interact with people on a day to day basis your hygiene routine is crucial.

Toilet and shower blocks help to keep your hygiene levels in check as they provide you with a safe place to empty your bowels and have a wash. As a business owner, you should look into having a portable toilet and shower block installed on your site as it will attract a lot more interest from potential campers.

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