Portacabin Office


Portacabin Office

No matter how large or small your requirements, Portacabin office buildings from Khome can give you any size of office container building for any number of people. Whether it’s a permanent addition or temporary office space, it will share the same high-quality of manufacture and come with outstanding service.

Our container models have advantages of fast production, easy to transport, set-up in a short time and with economic price and are produced with completely pluggable screw system with technological production.

Your portable container offices can provide either permanent solutions for your office building or temporary container office space, and that comes down to what business requirements you have. For larger container office developments modular container office buildings give you all the quality of a traditional build but up to 70% faster.

Khome Container office buildings are truly state-of-the-art in planning and design, material selection and quality, according to our strict construction standards and modern installation methods. Khome portacabin office offers a wide range of prefabricated modular offices and modular construction solutions to meet your project needs.


Our standard container office buildings are ideal for customers who require extra space because of quick development, progressing development and the requirement for transitory compact office holder space, just as those buying another perpetual particular structure. Get some information about our adaptable floor plans for compact office compartments and how you can put office and extra room in one spot.


Adding container office spaces whether they’re in a standalone custom modular building or as an addition to already existing buildings is easy and affordable with our experienced modular construction staff. Odds are Khome has your Porta cabin office complex solution.

When changes in your business create new demands for implant space utilization,  KHome’s portacabin office building products provide you with unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost-effectively to your needs.

Using KHome’s modular systems, you can build virtually any type of porta cabin office, room or enclosure that can be built with traditional construction materials – in less time and with fewer hassles.


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